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Physicians engaging in empathy-driven communication

Transforming care
one connection at a time.

Welcome to Empathetics where the science of care meets the science of empathy. Through innovative, evidence-based methods, we are setting new standards by teaching healthcare professionals how to improve communication with each other and their patients. 

We're experts in empathy and communication. 

Empathy training and practice keeps the capacity for empathy high.  Without it, empathy can diminish, adversely affecting patient care and leading to increased clinician burnout and resignations.

An Approach Based on Peer-Reviewed Research and Clinical Results

Healthcare organizations and their clinical staff come to Empathetics because our evidence-based programs are validated in published research and results generated with our clients.  They also value that the curriculum is grounded in neuroscience.

Thousands of clinicians and staff have trained with Empathetics as allies in our mission to transform healthcare through the power of empathy and human connection.

Empathy neuroscience healthcare
Effective communication techniques for reducing turnover

Evidence-based, Results Focused

Read more about Empathetics’ results by requesting our white paper.

Founded By Dr. Helen Riess

M.D., Professor, Researcher, Innovator.

Dr. Helen Riess’ research finding that empathy is a teachable skill led to the creation of Empathetics. Read more about how her thought leadership continues to serve as the foundation for our efforts to transform healthcare.

Physician retention through empathetic communication

How The Empathetics Process Works


Our experts help design a program timeline that fits your organization. 


Your providers and staff access evidence-based eLearning courses. They earn licensure credits in as little as one hour of course time.


Empathetics trains your staff to lead companion workshops to the eLearning courses where empathy skills, teamwork and workplace culture are enhanced.


Track the change in patient experience ratings and staff well-being. Our tools track learner progress and workplace climate over time.

Robert Altman, M.D., M.B.A.
Empathetics is a wellness tool that increases our Patient Experience scores. While physicians did not change the length of their visits, patients' perception of provider’s time-spent increased, per their CG-CAHPS scores.

President and CEO of Sutter Gould Medical Group

Start Improving Your Clinician and Patient Experience Now  

Healthcare organizations that enhance the patient experience, employee wellness and retention rates realize significant improvements in reputation and financial performance. 

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