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Client Results

Improve your patient experience with as little as one hour a month of clinician and staff time.


Patient experience ratings achieved a 90-day 91st percentile ranking


Reduction in provider turnover over 4 years.


Reduction in non-clinical staff turnover in one year.


Reduction in reported communication breakdowns among clinical staff.

Client Impact

Our evidence-based training programs help healthcare organizations transform their culture and practice with the power of empathy.

Effective communication in healthcare

Improve Patient Experience

Patients feel valued and increase their trust in their care team.  Empower clinicians to increase patient ratings.

Reduce Burnout and Retain Providers and Staff

See turnover rates significantly decrease when communication and human connection improve.

Improve patient experience
Increase patient experience ratings

Reduce Malpractice Risk

Up to 82% of malpractice claims are due to empathy and communication failures.* Improve safety with empathy training.

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