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Listen to podcasts featuring Dr. Riess 

Power Presence Academy | Leadership with Less Ego And More Soul
E64: The Role of Empathy in Leadership with Dr. Helen Riess
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NYU Langone Insights on Psychiatry

Empathy (with Helen Riess, MD)
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A2A Conversations
“Adversity to Advocacy” founder Jeff Bell interviews Dr. Helen Riess
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Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety Radio
Dr. Helen Riess — Empathetics — Joins the Show
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Harvesting Happiness
Making Better Doctors and Building Better Medical Bedside Manner with Dr. Ryran Gray and Dr. Helen Riess
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Harvard Institute of Coaching Webinar
Exploring the Empathy Effect in Coaching Relationships
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On Point – NPR
Your New Prescription: Empathy
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Episode 14: Loosening Burnout’s Grip with Empathic Care — Helen Riess, MD
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Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda
Dr. Helen Riess on Empathy and the Science of Emotion (Part 1 of 3)
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Sounds True
Helen Riess: Seven Keys to Increase Empathy
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Think Again — a Big Think Podcast
The Empathy Effect: Neuroscience-Based Keys to Connection
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Atomic Moms Podcast with Ellie Knaus
Helen Riess, M.D. — Empathy in the brain and the world
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